Yoel romero steroids

"It's personal because the guy is a gifted athlete, he just failed for steroids and this is the biggest fight of my life. I'm fighting at Madison Square Garden and I feel like I will probably get the title fight if I go out there and do my thing the way I feel I should. This is a huge fight, I have no emotional connection, but I don't like it when people take steroids and cheat, especially when you walk into the cage, it really pisses me off. Then you have all these excuses and people start feeling sorry for you, I don't buy it. I go crazy with these guys taking steroids, but I was in the sport pre-USADA and I was naive that these guys weren't taking steroids and now all of these guys are getting caught for it. At the end of the day, I was fighting guys on steroids even before this and own guys who are just getting caught for it."

“One thing is this — he’s the biggest cheating motherf***er in the whole sport I’d say,” Bisping said on Fox Sports Radio . “Every single fight, there’s some kind of cheating. This time it was the eyes and the water over his body again just like in the Tim Kennedy fight or he grabs the fence or he tests positive. We’ve still got to see what his test results are yet. If that’s going to be my next fight, I’m more than happy to do it. I want to face one of the top contenders, I am the champion and I have to do that. That makes me happy.”

Yoel romero steroids

yoel romero steroids


yoel romero steroidsyoel romero steroidsyoel romero steroidsyoel romero steroidsyoel romero steroids