Vitiligo treatment steroid cream

XXI) Vitamin B9 and B12: As per a study conducted on a larger number of vitiligo
sufferers, it was found that 80% had a nutritional deficiency of Vitamin B9(folic acid) and vitamin B12. Cases of total repigmentation after 3 to 6 months of supplementation of these vitamins have also been recorded. Sufferers of
Vitiligo may thus stand in good stead by adding food naturally rich in vitamin B9(yeast extract, liver, dried herbs, sunflower seed) and Vitamin B12 (liver, milk, cheese, beef, chicken, mutton, pork, fish, ham, whole egg. and yoghurt into their diet.

The presence of pale and patched areas on the extremities of the body or other areas of the skin which develop into noticeable lesions is a clear indication of the disease. Vitiligo usually begins as a singular spot that spreads to other areas of the body, and depending on the type, it may develop into larger patches. Vitiligo is most noticeable among people with a tanned or darker complexion. The increase in spots is noticed as they merge into one another, until larger or most areas of the body are covered with white patches.
The spread of vitiligo is usually slow and progressive. Vitiligo spots can vary in size, shape, intensity of the loss of color and in the profile of their distribution. Vitiligo often becomes a chronic skin condition, while in some cases it may even resolve on its own.

Vitiligo treatment steroid cream

vitiligo treatment steroid cream


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