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Why is his daughter so goddamn mean? She’s out there mean mugging reporters and sizing them up like she’s about to throw down. If Steph’s been using the cream, there’s a good chance it could have rubbed off on his daughter since he’s such an involved father, and next thing you know you got a 3 year old looking to fight a bunch of adults. Steph’s got the awareness to hide his roid rage side effects, but nobody talks about how his daughter throws temper tantrums in press conferences like its her job. Squad (steroid) goals?

The question of product integrity is always central in the minds of BM customers, “Can I purchase safe products from this source?” The virtually anonymity of internet sites coupled with traditionally high provider turnover rates has made answering this question even harder in today’s society. The BM is filled with “scammers”, individuals who simply set up shop to dupe customers out of money with no plan or intention of delivering on the promised AAS. These are actually the good guys, those who promote the once bitten syndrome and scare many would-be buyers/users away from further attempts at steroids. At least they have the decency (used lightly) to take your money and run. Numerous dealers run repackaging scams in which very cheap steroids are placed in expensive product labeling and sold at a premium. These less expensive forms of AAS produce greater side effects, which can be particularly dangerous to women who think they are buying a very mild steroid only to receive a significantly harsher product. Still others produce imposter or fake steroids, which are often bottles of vegetable oils labeled to look like AAS. Along the same lines are those manufactured under conditions that are far less sanitary than required by the FDA. All of the above hazards can lead to health problems ranging from minor such as abscesses and infections, to major like severe illness and death.

Think steroids sources

think steroids sources


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