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The game idea to Final Fight is based on Street Fighter I and was planned as the sequel named Street Fighter '89 and originally was supposed to feature Ryu and Ken as main characters.

The name " Mad Gear " itself is based on Capcom's game Mad Gear/LED Storm .

The city " Metro City " is based on New York City .

The basic story of Final Fight is primarily based on the movie Streets Of Fire - A Rock & Roll Fable ( cover , trailer ). So are many characters and the emphasis on Rock music.

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The most exciting rehabilitation story in men’s tennis has sadly stalled out: Delpo is listed in the draw, but may miss his second straight Grand Slam with injury woes, this time due to pain in the shoulder and back. He beat Nadal in both of their meetings last year, which makes you wonder how differently some majors could have gone if his wrists held up. His forehand remains one of the most lethal (and peculiarly loud) on tour, but after his wrist surgeries, his backhand became a liability. Despite moderate improvement , it’s still a weakness that Nadal would pick apart given the slightest chance. If del Potro is headed into this tournament already hurt, it’s hard to envision him standing much of a chance against Rafa.

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