Steroid shots for hair

The shots definitely helped A LOT with Elsie, but we still need to take steps to minimize the allergens in our home. Elsie is also allergic to dust – which often means dust mites. We’ve found that using dust mite covers on our mattresses and pillows helped us, so if Napoleon sleeps near your bed, it’s possible it could help him too. You’ll want to regularly wash Napoleon’s bedding too. The dehumidifier is also supposed to be very good at keeping down the mites – we use ours throughout the year, as we live in a pretty humid climate. Keeps down mold too (another allergen). I guess there isn’t one right answer, we all just need to try to find the best combination of steps that works for our pet and our family.

I colored my hair today and had a terrible reaction. When I was in highschool I would color my hair and nothing would happen. I colored my hair about 7 years ago and had a terrible reaction ) eyes closed, head swole up terribly), then about 5 months ago I colored my hair at home and had an even worse reaction. I didn;t think it was the dye and I tried again at the salon. Needless to say I an suffereing from weeping swelling and soine itching. Honestly it’s not as bad as the first or second time. I wiped my scalp with peroxide and have been using olive oil to keep it from getting too stiff. I WILL NEVER try it again. I just pray I make it through this one. It really isn;t worth it.

Steroid shots for hair

steroid shots for hair


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