Steroid nose spray side effects

1. Do NOT drink coffee or alcohol during your rehab. Both dehydrated me and clogged my nose NOTICEABLY after only a few minutes. Staying off both helped.
2. Drink water. Hydration is a GOOD thing.
3. Use the clear nasal strips – they are an absolute lifesaver. Remember, your nose is most likely NOT filled with mucus. It’s the tissues that have swollen, and pulling them open with those strips WORKS.
4. Remember that even when you are treating only one nostril, the other one is getting a little assist (at least that seems to have been the case for me). When I finally stopped using, my OTHER nostril went berserk.
5. One last thing that got me over the hump – I bought one of those menthol inhalers. These don’t really decongest you at all. But they do give you a little sensation in your nostril, which (at least for me) makes it seem as though you are getting some circulation in there. I didn’t go crazy on it – just used it on particularly bad times. Frequently, I would use it and after an hour or so, my nose would naturally unclog anyway.
6. Exercise. When you move around you get your adrenaline going, which will naturally decongest you a little. For me, it seemed to be climbing stairs.

Foul smell in the nose is a problem affecting a considerable number of people in the society. Unfortunately, many are afraid of sharing the problem with their friends and family. You may be experiencing this problem, mainly characterised by a rotten flesh-like smell coming from the nose. In some patients, the smell is accompanied by pressure above the temple and ear area on the left side. Some patients have tried using nose spray to solve the problem, but it did not work. To solve the issue, some patients have even tried catarrh capsules and Actifed tablets. These two may solve the problem temporarily, but it will surely recur.

Steroid nose spray side effects

steroid nose spray side effects


steroid nose spray side effectssteroid nose spray side effectssteroid nose spray side effectssteroid nose spray side effectssteroid nose spray side effects