Steroid injections for cluster headaches

Topical silicone gel is appealing because it is a noninvasive option that can overcome many of the negative aspects associated with steroid injections for raised scars. For example, in contrast to the list of significant adverse effects that come with steroid injections, the topical application of silicone gel does not cause any side effects. Furthermore, silicone gel’s effectiveness in treating raised scars has been confirmed by over one hundred clinical studies . In fact, silicone gel products are the only topical treatments recommended by the scar experts who create scar treatment guidelines for other doctors.

Epidural Injections have been used since 1952 and are recommended for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. This type of injection is normally considered after nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and/or physical therapy have failed to provide adequate pain relief. Epidural Injections have been proven to be effective in relieving pain. For those who receive the injection within three to six months from the onset of pain, response rates can be as high as 70-90%. This response rate may lower for patients who have had prolonged pain. Other factors associated with a decreased response include age over 60 years, smoking, and a history of back surgery.

People who experience a sudden hearing loss (SSNHL) are often treated with systemic steroids, which are taken orally. Studies however show that people with sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) who do not respond to this treatment can benefit from intratympanic steroid injections. Studies carried out at universities in USA and Thailand show intratympanic steroid injections to be very effective and that the treatment does not have any side-effects.

Dr. David Haynes from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, USA, carried out the study of 40 people who had experienced sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL). Overall, 40% showed some kind of improvement when treated with intratympanic steroid injections.

Steroid injections for cluster headaches

steroid injections for cluster headaches


steroid injections for cluster headachessteroid injections for cluster headachessteroid injections for cluster headachessteroid injections for cluster headachessteroid injections for cluster headaches