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A.: Indeed I’ve explored and I’ll continue to explore the European past as amnesia is the worst illness a political body can suffer of. You cannot think Europe without thinking simultaneously the notion of Empire and the so-called “Roman form”. Carl Schmitt was very conscious of being the heir of the “Roman form”, be it heathen/imperial or Catholic or inherited by the “German Nation”. No one is currently denying the importance of Schmitt in the realm of political theory. Some circles of the American New Left, like the “Telos Press”, have even promoted his works in the New World beyond all the hopes the few German students of Schmitt’s works had ever dreamt of. The Roman Empire was geographically and hydrographically based on the Mediterranean Sea and the Danube River: the “Middle Sea” assuring communication between the Rhone Valley and Egypt, between Greece and Hispania, etc. and the Danube link between Southern Germany and the Black Sea and beyond this Pontic Area the legendary Colchis and Persia what will later be mythologized by the Chivalry Order of the Golden Fleece created by Philip, Duke of Burgundy in 1430.  

The town of Derby was renowned as the site of a chaotic and exuberant game that involved the whole town and often resulted in fatalities. The goals were at Nuns Mill in the north and the Gallows Balk in the south of the town, and much of the action took place in the River Derwent or the Markeaton Brook . Nominally the players came from All Saints' and St Peter's parishes, but in practice the game was a free-for-all with as many as 1,000 players. A Frenchman who observed the match in 1829 wrote in horror, 'if Englishmen call this play, it would be impossible to say what they call fighting'. The traditional Shrovetide football match is still an annual event in the town of Ashbourne, Derbyshire . [2]

Schwarzenegger prende steroidi

schwarzenegger prende steroidi


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