Reasons doctors prescribe steroids

10. By avoiding GMOs, you contribute to the coming tipping point of consumer rejection, forcing them out of our food supply.
Because GMOs give no consumer benefits, if even a small percentage of us start rejecting brands that contain them, GM ingredients will become a marketing liability. Food companies will kick them out. In Europe, for example, the tipping point was achieved in 1999, just after a high profile GMO safety scandal hit the papers and alerted citizens to the potential dangers. In the US, a consumer rebellion against GM bovine growth hormone has also reached a tipping point, kicked the cow drug out of dairy products by Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Dannon, Yoplait, and most of America’s dairies.

There is one reason to worry. Dozens and dozens of other ineffective and potentially harmful treatments have yet to be put on such a list, but when they are, the backlash could be ferocious. Treatments like vertebroplasty for back pain, and Avastin for breast cancer, have backers who will swear up and down that the treatment saved their life, even though there’s evidence it makes no difference. The critical choice that the specialty societies will have to make is whether they will fold in the face of the inevitable cries of rationing, or stand up for a rational health care system.

While this seems somewhat silly, this is a safeguard for doctors who have adopted the notion that Suboxone does, indeed, have many benefits to treating chronic pain (no source needed, as this is my personal opinion). In the next blog installment, which should be up late Sunday night/early Monday morning, I plan to explain why Suboxone makes a great pain drug, especially when you consider the fact that Suboxone’s synthetic narcotic, buprenorphine, was developed as a pain treatment that had all of the pain killing effects of morphine, without the negative effects, which include constipation, as well as a liking for the medication that puts patients predisposed to addiction disorder at greater risk of seeking morphine out when it is no longer needed to treat their pain.

Reasons doctors prescribe steroids

reasons doctors prescribe steroids


reasons doctors prescribe steroidsreasons doctors prescribe steroidsreasons doctors prescribe steroidsreasons doctors prescribe steroidsreasons doctors prescribe steroids