Pros cons anabolic steroids

While steroids have a number of benefits, they also have a number of negative effects. There are many side effects associated with anabolic steroid use. The first is kidney and liver damage. These are the two organs responsible for removing toxins from the body and maintaining homeostasis; a state of balance in the body. When you introduce foreign substances, such as steroids, into the body, these organs will try to break then down and get rid of them. The result will be damage to these organs. Hair loss , mood swings, severe acne and development of man boobs are some of the side effects of using steroids.

For several years I experience lower back pain, and after sitting for any length I had trouble straightening up and I was in pain. I also had a severe sore spot in the buttocks area. After xrays my doctor diagnosed it as arthritis in the lower spine and prescribed physical therapy. After a month or so of exercise & therapy the pain in the buttocks had gotten worse. I went back to the doctor who diagnosed it as tendonitis and gave me shot of cortisone in my butt. Lo and behold the pain disappeared and I now can get up out of a sitting position without being bent over and in pain. So it appears that my problem all along was tendonitis, rather than arthritis of the lower spine. Will it last, or should I return to therapy as he suggested.

Pros cons anabolic steroids

pros cons anabolic steroids


pros cons anabolic steroidspros cons anabolic steroidspros cons anabolic steroidspros cons anabolic steroidspros cons anabolic steroids