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I’m currently 21. (male) For the last 10 years or so I’ve had periodic fevers. When it started back in 7th grade it would be once every few months, later on in high school it picked up to every couple months and now it’s once a month at least. They almost always last for one day only and after sleeping, (or if it’s two days, same thing but the second night) I’m fine. I’ll sometimes have a soar throat and sinus pressure, but not always. They’re not contagious and not a flu/common cold. I’ve talked to my doctor and Mom, (an RN) and neither of them could figure out what it was. This is getting worse and I’m scared it could be something really wrong with me. I used to not worry because they were so infrequent, but now it’s as often as it is I’m worried.

my daughter started running fevers of a 105 at 1 1/2 the fevers would last 7 to 10 days, we lived at the emergency room. and dr. this went on for 31/2 more years. till a Dr told me he didn’t no what to do. I Kept a journal of every fever four times a day. its my miracle book. I had my dr send me to shands in gainsville florida. it took a year to diagnose her but least we no. I have been able to answer moms and help with numbers etc. I wish I had some to talk to baack then. you know your child better than any dr. please call me at 850-777-7110 anytime. my daughter had no symptoms, just fever. know its stomache aches, muscle aches.

Pfapa treatment steroids

pfapa treatment steroids


pfapa treatment steroidspfapa treatment steroidspfapa treatment steroids