Naturally produced steroids in the body

Natural estrogens taken orally are mostly destroyed in the digestion process. Adequate absorption is only accomplished through topical application in the form of a cream with a penetrating oil component. At Radiant Laboratories, years of experience combining clinically tested skin care ingredients with micronized natural Estriol USP allow us to produce a simple easy to use natural crème.

Estriol is not a phyto-estrogen

Don't confuse phyto-estrogens with pure natural Estriol USP. The natural estrogen, Estriol USP, is made the same way natural progesterone USP is made. Sterol analogues found in many varieties of plants are combined with specific bacteria and the resulting hormone product is bio-identical in chemical structure to the hormone produced by the human body.

Excerpts from "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" by Dr. John R. Lee, .

If a three-month trial of progesterone plus proper diet and supplements of magnesium and vitamin B6 do not relieve hot flashes or vaginal dryness, then low-dose natural estrogen may be helpful. All the available evidence we have so far indicates that Estriol is the safest estrogen to use to control menopausal symptoms, and that it may even be protective against breast cancer. If you need to supplement some estrogen, you can use Estriol in a cream.

  Excerpts from "Estriol, The forgotten Estrogen?" The Journal of the American Medical Associtaion.

In the USA it has been labeled as a weak or ineffective estrogen and difficult if not impossible to obtain. Actually it is not weak if given in adequate doses. A dose of 2 to 4 mg is the equivalent of to mg conjugated estrogen. It has been available in Europe for many years. Importantly, estriol does not lose its unique identity, it remains estriol. 

Castor is an extremely popular cure for the common constipation problems in naturopathic medicine. It is also a great accompaniment for the numerous detoxification programs available. One of the castor oil therapy instructions entails massaging the oil into entire skin around the abdominal region while ensuring to cover the liver area. For maximum results, patients are also advised to cover the oiled area using a towel as well as a hot water bottle. Heat generated from the bottle of hot water is for aiding penetration in order to allow the oil to facilitate waste elimination. It also helps in decreasing stagnation of the whole digestive system, the liver inclusive. The ability of castor oil to stimulate the liver promotes natural detoxification process of the body.

Foods high in amino acids may also bump up HGH production in your body. Your basic protein-packed meats (such as chicken, beef, pork, and fish) are good places to start, and dairy products (such as milk, cheese, and yogurt) can also provide the nutrition you need to encourage HGH secretion. A 2008 study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported that choline, a neurotransmitter, may boost production of growth hormone, so be sure to add foods that are high in choline, such as eggs and shrimp, to your training table.

Naturally produced steroids in the body

naturally produced steroids in the body


naturally produced steroids in the bodynaturally produced steroids in the bodynaturally produced steroids in the bodynaturally produced steroids in the bodynaturally produced steroids in the body