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UPDATE 4/30/2011: A recent veterinary article talks about a new type of surgery for intractable incontinence. "Hydraulic urethral occlusion empoys a silicon cuff around the proximal urethra. The cuff is filled with variable amounts of saline to provide mechanical obstruction to urine flow through the urethra. The amount of saline in the cuff, and the degree of resistance to flow, is adjusted using a subcutaneous injection port placed on the inner thigh." The article concludes that "Hydraulic urethral occluders appear to offer a new and highly success option for the control of urinary incontinence in the dog. The technique offers long-term control of incontinence with a single procedure. No medical management is necessary. The occluders appear to offer a superior surgical option to previous methods for the control of incontinence." See Outcome of Five Dogs that had a Hydraulic Urethral Occluder implanted for the Control of Urinary Incontinence for details. For more information, contact:

Our youngest sons 15 year old Springer Spaniel was just diagnosed with cancer of the spleen. They give three weeks. She lives with us and plan to make her as comfortable as possible. She has lived a very full life and is very much loved. My walking partner for over 10 years. I retired her after surgery for nerve cancer several years ago. We have reassured our son we would follow his wishes for her whatever they maybe. She is on Meds for arthritis which has gotten her this far. Pain meds on hand when needed. All depends on our sons wishes which i know would be a pain free ending. It is great to read about other pet lovers and their history with their pets. Anyone want to share with me any tips that may help us. Thanks for listening.

Genesis meds steroids

genesis meds steroids


genesis meds steroidsgenesis meds steroidsgenesis meds steroidsgenesis meds steroidsgenesis meds steroids