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I appreciate this article. I think that she makes excellent, educated points. I am an educator and have read many books agreeing with them. Frankly, I am disappointed by the negative responses since we always have room to improve as parents. Saying good job creates children who do good things for approval, rather for their own gain and improvement. You are passing judgement on their work. Telling a child why something isn’t okay rather than saying no, helps children understand why the behavior needs to be stopped and prevents it from happening again. Understanding these points doesn’t weaken children, it strengthens them and helps them become independent thinkers and well-behaved children. There is nothing wrong with becoming a more informed parent.

As others have attested, the staff at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates is phenomenal.  In 2011, I had the typical over-40 diagnosis of high FSH and low AMH from a reproductive specialist.  I also had the same fertility prognosis most women over 40 hear from reproductive clinics.  I was basically told not to have much hope in conceiving with my own eggs or having a take-home baby due to my age.  Unfortunately, I also learned I had a blocked tube and a tube that was not functioning.  As I worked on getting the tube issues corrected through western medical treatment, I saw  Stephanie  for adjunct, TCM treatment. She walked the trying-to-conceive journey with me every step of the way.  Her treatment plan was specifically designed to treat MY issues; it was not a blanket approach.  There were a couple times when I needed to take a break and she agreed; and she was there when I started up again. January 2012, I decided I should let go and chose to quit trying.  I had one final treatment with Stephanie and said good-bye. Imagine my surprise when I learned 3 weeks later I was pregnant!  I saw Stephanie through my first trimester. In November 2012 I delivered a healthy baby boy, at age 42. If you are looking for compassionate, effective health care, I recommend Stephanie and the staff at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates!  – Annie R.

Forex steroid review

forex steroid review


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