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Tony Batista was acquired by the Toronto Blue Jays when they learned that their starting shortstop Alex Gonzalez , would be lost to them for the season in June of 1999 . [1] Batista was a solid player for the Jays, being voted to the 2000 American League All-Star Team and after two good seasons, was put on waivers in 2001 only to be immediately picked up by the Baltimore Orioles who were looking for someone to fill the legendary shoes of Cal Ripken, who was retiring at the end of that season. In one memorable incident, while playing with the Jays, Batista barely beat out a throw from third base for an infield single. Batista ran past first base, all the way down the first baseline to SkyDome's outfield wall, 328 feet away from home plate. After reaching the outfield wall, Batista walked all the way back to first base. [ citation needed ]

Still, no matter what happens between now and the end of the season, Bautista will be facing a significant pay cut in 2018. He’s 37 in October and probably looking at a deal somewhere between what Mitch Moreland signed with Boston for this season ($ million) and Mike Napoli of the Texas Rangers ($). Napoli has 27 homers with the Rangers this season and is coming off a World Series appearance with Cleveland, (where he had 34 homers during the year), but Bautista has more defensive value in being able to play outfield, third, DH and even first if necessary.

Bautista blue jays steroids

bautista blue jays steroids


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