Athletes quotes on steroids

Hugh Hefner recently passed away, but his wisdom and legacy still live on.  From starting Playboy  with only a small loan from his parents, to becoming the CEO of one of the most influential media companies in existence.  Hugh was not only an advocate for women’s rights, but also free speech and animal’s rights as well.  Although a controversial figure to some, Hugh Hefner has created a media empire that many only dream about and will be remembered for the decades of empowering women and advocating for a life worth living.

Paying college athletes is difficult for a number of reasons. Firstly, according to Jeffrey Dorfman, only a few collegiate sports actually bring in money. College football, as well as men’s and women’s basketball, are the money makers as far as collegiate athletics is concerned. Most other programs are actually cash strapped. Therefore, the issue becomes should only football and basketball college athletes be paid? Is that fair to other student-athletes? Furthermore, where should the money come from? Is it the responsibility of the school to pay these athletes or the NCAA? Other questions include how much should students-athletes be paid, how often, will it work in a similar way that professional contracts work, etc?  All these questions reveal how difficult it would be to change the college athletic system to compensate college athletes.

Athletes quotes on steroids

athletes quotes on steroids


athletes quotes on steroidsathletes quotes on steroidsathletes quotes on steroidsathletes quotes on steroidsathletes quotes on steroids