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Given the amount of misinformation that’s been used to support the idea that roadwork should be abandoned as a form of training, it’s no surprise that the current interval crazy has failed to produce the results so often promised by those advocating it. Despite the endless promotion of interval training as the only form of training necessary, the world of combat sports has not seen a noticeable increase in conditioning over this time. If anything, in fact, the general conditioning level of fighters today is worse than it’s been in the past.

Just because your weight loss is over it doesn’t mean you should get lazy or apathetic about what you eat. You should always know what you’re fueling your body with. Keeping weight off is just as much of a challenge as losing it all. Some convert over to a Paleo-style diet ( /r/paleo ) and focus on whole foods without grains, refined sugars or refined fats. Others will gradually include more carbs by into their diet by 5g/week until they find a point where their weight maintains itself. Doing a ketogenic diet should be part of a new lifestyle change, and you should always avoid going back to your old eating habits.

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