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As  methods of detection improve, prevalence of colonization in normal, non-immunosuppressed adults is somewhat common, with reported colonization ranging from 20 to as high as % ( 163 ,  210 ,  253 ). In order to detect high prevalence of colonization in the normal host, however, large quantities of lung tissue need to be assayed, suggesting that the organism burden is quite low. The prevalence of Pneumocystis  colonization among HIV-infected individuals is higher and has been reported between 10-% ( 92 ,  107 ,  143 ,  161 ,  174 ,  185 , 213 ,  262 ). The wide prevalence range is likely due to differences in subject populations, the type of sample tested, and the PCR technique used. One study reported that the frequency of colonization increased with decreasing CD4 count, although colonization has been reported even in individuals with high CD4 cell counts ( 143 ,  174 ). The prevalence of colonization among non-HIV infected, immunocompromised individuals is also high, ranging from to % ( 98 ,  158 ,  166 ,  187 ,  258 ,  270 ).

She’s happier and her asthma is more under control with the inhaled steroids. She actually will come find me if it is time for medication. People told me she might but until I saw it, I doubted it could happen. One ritual we have while doing her puffs is for me to count them out loud as she does them. She’s smart enough to know what she needs to hear to be done, and she does it till she gets to the magic number. The other “trick” that works for us is if she’s taken only a few puffs but wants a break, I let her turn her face and breathe regular air. I think knowing that she can take the mask off makes her mind it less.

2aerosolized steroids

2 aerosolized steroids


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